Thanks to...

Cassio Lymn, who created the INFORMATION FARM logo.

Dirty Poor, who created our fashionable INFORMATION FARM T-shirts.
(Email us if you're interested in ordering a shirt! info [AT] information-farm [DOT] com)

Everyone who told us stories: Elffriede, Riho Kall, Doris Allese, Leana Kaasík, Roomit Allese, Katherine Liberovskaya & Phil Niblock, Marilin Kindsiko, Mari Jõgiste, Piibe Kolka, and Siim.

Our hosts from MoKS Center for Art and Social Practice: Evelyn Müürsepp, John Grzinich, Piibe Kolka, Patrick McGinley, Mari Jõgiste, Marilin Kindsiko, Jane Remm, Doris Allese, Roomit Allese, and Siim.

All of the animal/artists who participated in the PostsovkhoZ 6 zoo!

Our "Special Agent," Gris Chat.